Kylie Cosmetics vs. KKW Beauty

Are you Team Kylie Jenner or Team Kim Kardashian-West?

Well, let me just tell you I am Team Kylie all the way, all day every day! Its no secret that Kylie Jenner is one of the hottest woman on the planet right now. Sorry Kim but Kylie is definitely living up to her infamous name- King Kylie. Now, besides hot boyfriends and tons of money, these sisters share a strong passion for makeup.

Kylie Jenner’s makeup line Kylie Cosmetics is life. Her makeup line started about four years ago when she actually broke the internet with all of the people purchasing her products. I will pay $29.99 for a Kylie Lip Kit any day. Kylie Cosmetics is not only the absolute must have’s right now, but all of her products are super high quality. The pigmentation of her eyeshadows are on point!!! It’s difficult to find cute colorful yet neutral eyeshadows that have such good pigmentation that last all day and night. In the past year Kylie Cosmetics has released lip kits, Kyshadow, Kyliner, Kylighters, blush, matte lip glosses, glitter gloss, brushes, and different holiday collections. Kylie has it all!!

Earlier this year, Kylie and Khloe Kardashian collaborated for the infamous KoKo Kollection. I don’t know about you but I’m in love with the KoKo!!!! Thankfully, they have brought the KoKo Kollection back and its hotter then ever. Kylie Cosmetics just released her Wet Set! Half of the items sold out in less than an hour! Unfortunately, I will have to wait for them to re-stock so I can get my Wet Set. And don’t you just love how sexual all of her makeup names are?! Wet Set, Send Me More Nudes, Skinny Dip, and the list goes on and things just keep getting hotter! 

On a side note I literally love Kylie Cosmetics so much I just almost went and bought the whole set of KoKo Lip Kits. LOL. The only complaint I have (and I hate even using that word when talking about Kylie), is that I find that the lip kits can be dry my lips in a very short amount of time. That might not be the case for everyone though. You might as well just have to buy yourself a Kylie Lip Kit & find out!

On June 21st KKW Beauty launched. For those of you who have no clue what that means, Kim Kardashian-West Beauty launched on June 21st. OMG! Kim has been the hottest Kardashian sister for years so there is no doubt in my mind that she will totally slay the market with her new line. Kim is infamous for her airbrushed looked contour and nude lips (cant forget the butt). Kim launched a cream contour kit in four shades; Light, Medium, Dark and Deep Dark. Kim took to Snapchat to swatch the different shades and the packaging they come in. I would totally buy her kit but only because I am super into cream contouring right now. Kim is also famous for her nude lip colors she is always sporting. Kylie loves bold, vibrant colors where as Kim is more into light nude shades. KKW contour sets sold out within hours which is no shock to anyone. Make sure and follow Kylie and Kim on Instagram and Snapchat to see the dates and times of their next launches!

So the question is, whose makeup would you sport?


Amanda 🙂

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