5 Ways to Cope with Anxiety From COVID-19

The last 9 months have been an absolute hell for some people. We went from a normal everyday life, to confinement and rules of where you can and can’t go & what we can and can’t do. Last time I checked, this is a free county 🇺🇸 Maintaining our mental health is so important, especially during the struggles of COVID. I can’t even imagine being a full time working parent who now has to work from home and help their child with distance learning. Lockdown and restrictions are also affecting children and teens since they are becoming so isolated from their fellow classmates. Suicide rates have gone through the roof and the drug epidemic is exploding. So many people are losing their homes and jobs, it’s absolutely devastating. Having said all of this, it’s normal for everyone to feel anxious during this time. I want to share 5 ways to deal with anxiety during COVID since it’s a very real reality for most of us.

1. Breathe

Breathing exercises are so important when you are feeling anxious. If you are having a panic attack, breathing is crucial. I used to have daily panic attacks and I literally thought I was going to die in the moment. At first I had no clue how to stop them, but then I was told it’s all about breathing. When you are anxious, the last thing you want to pay attention to is your breathing. I began trying this technique & it truly changed my attacks! Just know that you are not alone 💖

There are some great breathing exercises available on YouTube.

2. Journal

You would be surprised how relaxing journaling feels. Journaling can be a way of expressing your negative feelings. Personally, when I journal my feelings, I feel 10 times better once I’m done.

I love to have cute journals on hand at all times. I mostly shop for my journals on Amazon, Target, and Erin Condren.

3. Stay Away From the News & Social Media

The news & social media has become so toxic, it honestly makes me sick to my stomach. I personally had to take a break from all of social media for over a week due to the stress and anger it was causing me. I was so worried about what is/will happen due to the recent elections, I didn’t even realize how stressed I was. The media wants to brainwash us into believing whatever they say. which leads to a lot of misinformation and frustration. Sometimes we need to unplug for our mental health, and that’s totally ok!

I started reading books to take my mind off the madness of social media and TV. I typically purchase my books from Amazon or Target. Target always has 10% off deals.

4. Stay Connected with Friends and Family

It is crucial to keep in contact with your family and friends, especially if you are alone during quarantine. It’s very easy to self isolate, especially when there are such strict guidelines when it comes to seeing friends and family. Try to keep in contact with an friend or family member daily. Luckily, some restaurants are open for outside dining. Meeting friends for coffee every few weeks is a good way to stay connected. If you don’t want to meet in person, make sure to make calls or text your family and friends.

Zoom is a fun way to stay connected with family. A lot of people have FaceTime as well, which is a great connection tool.

5. Maintain a Routine

Even though I am working from home, it’s so hard to maintain my normal routine. After a few months, it’s easy to begin to lose focus and interest in work or whatever hobbies have been keeping you occupied. Routines help you stay organized and disciplined. Here are some ways that can help you maintain a routine.

Start by creating a morning routine. Set your alarm for the same time every morning. It’s best to set your alarm for the usual time you would wake up for work. This gives you time to eat breakfast and get settled for your day. Put on a pair of actual shoes (even if it’s just sneakers) and a nice shirt or blouse. Next, move onto your work space. I find it very important to have a clean, organized work place since it helps give off that office vibe. During your lunch hour or breaks, try to take a walk. It doesn’t have to be a long walk, but your body needs to move and you need vitamin D. I like to take my dog for a short walk on my breaks. You can try sitting outside on your balcony or patio for 10 minutes in the sun.

I love to make to-do lists. They help me stick to my routine.

Thank you all for reading! I hope I was able to help some of you 😊 Always remember you are NOT alone during this time! Make that phone call. Send that text And remember to breathe!

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