Amazon Prime Day Haul

One of my favorite days of the year is Prime Day and I’m sure most of you can relate! 😊 I wanted to share my finds with you guys!

Biker Shorts

I LOVE these biker shorts!!! I remember being so obsessed with cheetah print when I was in high school & I’m so glad it’s back in style! I’m super into biker shorts this season. They’re comfy, cute, and make your butt look amazing 😉 Best part about these biker shorts is that they aren’t see through!!!! Total win!

10 Piece Makeup Brush Set

You can never have enough brushes! I’m super into cream contour and bought these to play around with. I’ve always used powder, but I’m trying out the cream for my wedding. I love how it gives you that gooey, dewy effect.

Trifold Lightened Makeup Mirror

OMG THIS MIRROR!!!!!! Ok seriously though, this mirror is like a mini vanity that you can take on the go!! The light is bright, super similar to the ring light. I love that it folds and is compact so you can take it wherever you are going! Sometimes my back hurts when I stand to long, so I love that I can sit down and do my makeup anywhere in my apartment! This product has been on my wishlist for awhile now, but I can officially take it off!

Biker Shorts

Of course I had to buy a pair biker shorts in black 😜 I love biker shorts so the more the merrier! Being comfy is a must, especially when working from home. I really like the material, it is super soft & not see through!

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