Looking Summertime Fine!

It’s that time of the year again, SUMMERTIME! I always look forward to summer- pool days, endless bikinis, cute summer dresses and less makeup! We love a good, dewy fresh face look! Who wants a full face of sweaty makeup when it is 100 degrees outside?! I sure do not lol. If you live in Cali, you know that the struggle is real. PLUS, we want our skin to glow, glow, GLOW!

I am LOVING the new fresh face/less makeup look. LOVE IT! Although I love a full face of makeup, it can be time consuming plus you end up sweating it all off in this heat! It also gives you that *sparkling* glow that we all strive to have. Let us let our skin breathe this summer!

My all-time favorite makeup artist/influencer is @makeupxka who recommends the BEST products for this look! Her skin is absolute GOALS! (So are her makeup looks- super jelly!)

SO, how do we achieve this look?? Let’s dive in!

RULE #1: It’s all about that base!! Fresh skin is a MUST when trying to achieve this look! Make sure you wash your face, AND MOISTURIZE, before applying any product.

RULE #2: Always use some type of face oil or serum BEFORE applying makeup. If you have oily skin, don’t freak out quite yet- most face oils are designed to control those pesky oily spots!

RULE #3: Use cream products instead of powder!! The cream finish will give you that dewy glow!

RULE #4: Less makeup is key to achieving this look! Instead of lip liner and lipstick, throw on a nude gloss and you are good to go!

RULE #5: ALWAYS use setting spray! This will add to that dewy look

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